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Ultra Cycling: One Gal’s BikingMan Taiwan Kit List

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

The finished product as it appeared on BikingMan Corsica, a 700km, 13,000m self supported ultra cycling race that I completed in April.

Dawn Barnable is preparing for her third self-supported ultra-cycling race, BikingMan Taiwan (4 Nov) having completed BikingMan's Omani and Corsican races earlier this year. Completely unsupported and travelling through various temperatures, terrains and even through jungle, this is what she's bringing with her.

So here we are again. Packing a bike for my third self-supported ultra cycling race, BikingMan Taiwan, which at 1150km, 18,000m, will be my most challenging yet. I think this is the first time that I’ve listed out everything in detail – over 55 items that includes - and will fit into - 12.4L of bag space, be on the bike, or in various jersey pockets and or on this cyclist herself. Heavy on the clothing front I know but better safe than too cold and wet – rain is expected! The list of what’s mandatory is way down below.

What do you think? Too much, too little? Anything missing?

The race starts 4 November in Taipei, Taiwan and you can track me (Dawn Barnable) live at www.bikingman.com

Just about everything I will need for BikingMan Taiwan, with the exception of what I'm wearing, eating and the bags!

What’s Visible on The Bike

What’s Hidden Away

The Media Centre/Admin

  • iPhone with heavy shock absorbent case (phone is mandatory)

  • Bose Sport wired headphones – I’d rather a wire than something else to charge

  • Power Bank - 20,000 mAh

  • 3x Power Cords – micro USB for lights/Wahoo

  • 1x iPhone power cord

  • 1 x power cord for Exposure light

  • Plug with two USB ports

  • Passport copy

  • Tiny plastic Muji wallet with credit card and 100 USD equivalent in local currency

  • Race Map (to be provided)

The Pharmacy

  • Sudocreme in a tiny Muji pot

  • Sunscreen in a small Muji tube

  • Chamois cream in a small Muji tube

  • Tiny Muji toothbrush - cracked in half & tiny toothpaste

  • Two 500g packets of Ibuprofen

  • 1 Packet of Tissues – you’ll know when you don’t have them and need them

  • 1 Packet of Wet Wipes – for both hygiene purposes and also if you get a puncture, you can clear away debris from the tyre

  • 2 Imodium Tablets

The Tool Kit

  • Leyzene PowerTyre Lever

  • Leyzene Multi-Tool V-10 with chain breaker

  • 3 Spare Inner Tubes

  • 2x Inner Tube Patch Kits

  • Spare derailleur hanger

  • Spare chain link

  • Chain Lube in Tiny Muji Bottle

  • Emergency Blanket (mandatory)

  • 4 AAA batteries (mandatory) - for your GPS tracker

  • Duct Tape - cut in squares and wrapped around a piece of light cardboard

  • 4 x Zip Ties

  • Emergency Blanket (mandatory)

  • 3 Elastic hair bands wrapped around the spare tubes


  • Café Du Cyclist Bib Shorts

  • Café Du Cyclist Audex Collection Jersey

  • Nike Sports Bra

  • Café Du Cyclist Socks

  • Wahoo Ticker - w/ Garmin Strap as its better constructed than the strap that the Wahoo Ticker comes with

  • Castelli Gloves (fingerless gloves) which may change when I land in Taiwan (mandatory)

  • Oakley EV0 Blades Sunglasses in Black (mandatory)

  • Kask Protone Cycling Helmet (mandatory)

  • Scott Cycling Shoes

  • Race Issued BikingMan Cycling Cap

The Extra FASHUN - some may say essential fashion

  • Café Du Cyclist Jacqueline Fluro Gilet – (mandatory)

  • Café Du Cyclist Leg Warmers – the kind with the fleece on the inside

  • Castelli Arm Warmers - the kind with the fleece on the inside

  • Castelli GOREtex waterproof and windproof jacket – the most expensive garbage bag you’ll ever own

  • Catelli light wind jacket – super light and to layer if needed

The Food (not pictured)

  • Hydration salts in a small plastic bag

  • About 2000-3000 calories worth of food - dependent on race recon

Mandatory Kit – As per the race manual

· 1 x GPS tracker + rechargeable batteries (provided by the organization if you’re not bringing your own Spot Gen 3)

· 1 x race chip (provided by the organization)

· 1 x of 4 spare AAA Lithium batteries for the GPS tracker (not provided)

· Helmet

· Gloves

· Front and rear lights (flash lights only are insufficient, you need permanent lights)

· Reflective clothes (Audax gilet, safety yellow jacket…)

· Bicycle pump

· 1 x inner tube repair kit (patch + glue + tire remover)

· 1 x inner tube - Mobile phone and a charging device

· 1 x survival blanket

· Sunglasses with UV protection

· 1 x jacket or long sleeves jersey with light rain protection, ideally with hood, to withstand bad weather

· Bidons with a minimum water reserve capacity of 1,5 liters

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