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The BikingWomen of Corsica

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

One year ago today, on 29 April 2019, 67 cyclists from all corners of the world gathered in Corsica for BikingMan Corsica 2019, the second race of a global 2019 series of six self-supported ultra-cycling races.

Known as the mountain in the sea, Corsica offered up 700km and 13,000m of elevation. It also offered challenges in the form of misplaced cows, pigs (both wild and domestic), temperature fluctuations ranging from freezing to searing, construction zones with new and old tarmac, seemingly abandoned towns, limited supply stops in the first third of the race, solitude, and some of the most beautiful bathroom breaks I have had both the challenge and pleasure to find.

Among the 67 taking on the challenge were eight women, four solo women, four in pairs. Representing seven countries and ranging from relative rookies to accomplished professional athletes, the fastest among them finished the punishing course in just 41 hours, the slowest (also the author) – 88 hours. While racing, they battled the same route, the same challenges but each have their own experience and stories to share.

At the time of publishing of this feature, the 2020 edition of BikingMan Corsica would have been well underway with the fastest among those racing likely long finished, while those at the back battling on and facing days, and possibly hundreds more kilometers of racing. Due to the global pandemic and restrictions, lockdown and postponements across the globe, this year’s edition will now take place in October.

Until we are able to pedal again in Corsica or elsewhere, click below to read the story of each of the 2019 BikingWomen of Corsica, in their own words. For those interested in learning more about this beauty of a race, we’ve also included a list of resources and stories from friends and cyclists.

The Race Segments (w/ Strava Links)

Start to CP 1 - Bastia to GITE U PIANU - 180.79km/4,146m

CP1 to CP2 - GITE U PIANU to CSJC, Ajaccio - 140.68km/2,383m

CP2 to CP3 - CSJC, Ajaccio to Saint François Sports, MONTICELLO - 191.10km/3,550m

CP3 to The FinishLine - Saint François Sports, MONTICELLO to Bastia- 179.82km/2,549m

The Live Race Tracker

Additional Media Stories

BikingMan Corsica: The Mountain in the Sea on The Radavist

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